Lesley Russell

Cookie Trails Are When You Are Pressing Into Something And Praying Hard For It.


April 6, 2024

Cookie trails are when you are pressing into something and praying hard for it. You see it and you know in faith that God is leading you in that way, but it’s not there yet. It’s not one of those prayers that you pray and the next day, it’s answered and it’s there. Instead, it’s a marathon of faith and as you travel to get there, He provides a cookie trail along the way where you go from one possibility to the other getting a piece of the cookie but not the entire cookie. Each bite appears and it just may be it, but it’s not, until He brings you in faith to where He was taking you all along, but the timing wasn’t quite right and the faith experience wasn’t quite complete. And when you arrive, it’s always the best way, the better taste, and the best crunch that it could have been.

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