Lesley Russell

Just Burn Brighter


April 6, 2024

When you walk into a room that is dark and you want to see, you want to function, you want to be able to move around in it without tripping over something in your way, what do you do? You turn on a light so you can see. And if the floor lamp isn’t enough light then you turn on another light, and if that is not enough to illuminate your space to accomplish what you want to do in it that day, you turn on another one until the light casts out any resemblance of the room’s darkness and any unlit corner. So as followers of Christ who want to change the dark oppressed world, the solution is as simple as turning on a light in the room that you’re in. In your sphere of influence in your home, in your neighborhood, your relationships, your place of work or school, throughout your day’s activities, within the ministries and fields that you’re called to is to just burn brighter. Love more, do more, be thankful more, forgive more, laugh more, and share more the reason and foundation of it all who supplies the eternal springs of your life Jesus Christ.

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