Meet The Team

EQUIP 210 would not be possible without the work of these dedicated individuals. 

"Okay, so this may not be a typical founder photo, but I just LOVE this photo so much. It really expresses who I am and what I feel about education.

  • Education should be fun and not stodgy.
  • It should be exciting and not dull.
  • It should be innovative and dynamic.
  • It should be creative, colorful, and out of the box different using both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
  • It should be freeing and expressive, and it should open up a whole new world of dreaming with God and stepping into all that He wants to co-create with you unleashing all that He created you to be! 

Welcome to EQUIP 210."

Lesley Russell

Founder of equip 210

Founder of equip 210

Heather Sorenson

"Hi! I'm Heather. I'm grateful to be on the frontlines, assisting in transforming education and bringing Christ back into the classroom and on each of our EQUIP 210 campuses; reminding Children and adults alike that their identity lies in Christ alone. Together, we can take back the mountain of education and transform our communities!"

Heather Sorenson has been with EQUIP 210 since its launch in 2023 and serves on the Executive Leadership Team as the Equipping Specialist in Director Training. She also served with Next Generation Ministries, dba Independent Learning Academy “ILA” for the past 6 years. She was first introduced to homeschooling when her oldest was in kindergarten. That following year, 2020, she became the Director for the Orange County ILA Campus and then after moving to Texas stepped into the position of Executive Director with ILA.

Heather has her degree in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University, Fullerton, and her certification in Montessori Education from UC Irvine. She worked for the City of Anaheim for 10 years as a recreation and community Services Director. She has worked in education for the past 25 years in both Private and Christian Schools and also worked as a Conference Coordinator for a best-selling Christian author. She loves organization, planning, and helping things run behind the scenes.

Heather is a born and raised SoCal girl, who was raised in a small Mountain town. She loves the outdoors, all things Fall, water sports, baking, reading next to a fire, and has a strong heart for bringing community together. Heather, her husband, and their two children currently reside in Dallas, TX. and they are loving the adventure God has them on!

Equipping Specialist in Director Training

Equipping Specialist in Director Training

"Jesus transforms everything. When He is at the center of anything, we see how it was originally intended to function- in true life and flourishing. I love Kingdom education because children get to encounter God in all of life!

English becomes an opportunity to experience the power of words creating worlds and bringing life (Genesis 1 and John 1). Math becomes an opportunity to celebrate the beauty, design and intentionality with which He has created the world (Job 38-42). History becomes a place to see God’s hand throughout the ages and learn that blessing comes with following Him (Numbers 14, Deuteronomy 28 and Psalm 128).

I’m so thankful to be a part of Equip 210 as we nurture the whole child (spirit, soul and body). It is a JOY to see children encounter God’s glory and then learn how to carry His goodness, love, power and wisdom into every realm of life and culture. The knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas (Habakkuk 2:14)!"

The love of God the Father has transformed Caitlin’s life and one of her favorite things is to see Him do that for others! Caitlin grew up in the church but always hungered for more. In 2015, she met the Holy Spirit and this changed every ounce of her being- setting her on a whole new trajectory in life! She started to experience His love in deeper ways and walk in Kingdom adventures with Him. She remembers saying to people, “I never knew following Jesus could be so fun!” Romans 8 says that the Spirit is the one that testifies to our adoption as sons and daughters. Living life as a kid in His Kingdom is what we are made for!

In 2021, Caitlin flew out to California for a 6 week internship where a group of 20 or so young people hopped into RV’s and traveled throughout the state sharing the love of Jesus. Even before the 6 weeks were complete, the Lord told her that she would be staying in California. God beautifully rooted her in the body of Christ in CA and in 2023, Caitlin came across Equip 210 on Instagram. She was so excited to find others who were passionate about equipping youth in their identity and authority. Within a few months, Caitlin connected with Lesley and at the beginning of 2024 she was hired by Equip 210.

Caitlin is a joy and life bringer everywhere she goes. She is a champion of people, a connector, a gatherer and an encourager. Caitlin is passionate about seeing people become rooted in Kingdom identity (as beautiful sons and daughters) and released in Kingdom authority (through joyful obedience and living a surrendered life). She loves prayer and worship nights with friends, random healthy foods, beach walks before sunrise, and kombucha. She has a high value for fun, connection, beauty, wonder, intentionality, play, and freedom. Caitlin considers it a deep joy and honor to serve as Equip 210’s Kingdom Equipping Specialist. 

Caitlin Ewing

Kingdom Equipping Specialist 

Kingdom Equipping Specialist 

Sterling Merritt

"For me, teaching is not just a profession; it is a divine calling. I firmly believe that the ability to teach is a gift from God, and I am committed to honoring Him in the way I conduct my life and deliver knowledge in the classroom. My ultimate aspiration is to answer Christ's call to make disciples, not only within the classroom but also in every aspect of life." 

Sterling Merritt is thrilled to be part of the educational community at Equip 210. With a passion for mathematics and science, he has been dedicated to teaching and tutoring since 2001, helping countless students unlock their potential and achieve academic excellence.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Vanguard University, a journey that laid the foundation for his love of teaching. Throughout the years, he has had the privilege of guiding and mentoring hundreds of students, empowering them to become the best versions of themselves academically and personally.

He eagerly looks forward to sharing his passion for learning and fostering a nurturing environment where students can thrive, grow, and discover the wonders of mathematics and science. He is excited and grateful for the opportunity to be part of this remarkable educational journey, and he is confident that, with faith, dedication, and teamwork, his students will achieve great heights of success as they strive for excellence, empower one another, and make a lasting difference in the world. 

Director of EQUIP 210’s Virtual 8-12th Grade Academy, Math, and Science Teacher 

Director of EQUIP 210’s Virtual 8-12th Grade Academy, Math, and Science Teacher 

"Ensuring the success of the next generation has always been my God given purpose, not just in their education, but in their development as individuals. God gave his people free will so that we may be fulfilled in our pursuit of a holy life. With that free will comes the need for teaching, I believe it is the spiritual responsibility of teachers to encourage kids to honor God through the classroom setting so they may apply God's teachings in their adult lives."

Amanda Goodwin is passionate about her role with Equip 210. As a student at the University of Georgia, she is pursuing a bachelors in wildlife science, a minor in ecology, and her certificate in environmental education. She is a Dean's list student and a reputable tutor for her peers which has inspired her to take her role in education to higher levels.

Over the past few years she has served on many mission trips, the most recent being to Kenya. In Kenya she aided in the construction of a primary school for a local village and was able to assist in a few classes before returning to the states. She has seen the variety in the educational culture around the world and seeks to inspire students to walk the road less traveled as "small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life" Matthew 7:14. Through her encouragement and her faithful, knowledgeable, and engaging teaching style, she is certain in her ability to make a lasting difference on the future of the next generation. 

Amanda Goodwin

Academic Support 

Academic Support