Lesley Russell

Children Are Fearless


April 5, 2024

Children are fearless. Uninhibited masterpieces. They go from only being able to lay there, to crawling, and falling on their faces while they learn to go onto the next level of walking despite falling, but they keep going until it’s mastered and then running clumsily to running with ease.

What happens though as we get older? That fearlessness gets tampered with, but God still calls us higher always to the next level to the next mountain always and without a ceiling. We create the ceiling—He never does. There is always more. And if it’s not in the lane you’re in then get ready because He is moving and accelerating you to another one. Just like changing lanes in a car you may slow down for a quick moment to check and then you’re accelerating and on your way to your next lane —full speed and not looking back.

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