Lesley Russell

No More Gray


April 6, 2024

I woke up this morning and the Lord had put it strongly on my heart that there is No More Gray for humanity. No more in between. No more let me put my toe in and test the waters. It is full integration and connectedness to the Master of the Universe, The Creator of our Soul, the one whom every breath comes from, The King of all kings, and the only Lord of our life— God. I was given the picture in my mind of a piece of fabric with interwoven stitchery that creates the cloth that we see. When we try to separate that fabric of our lives or society’s lives into categories where God is welcomed and where He is not, it’s like unraveling the stitchery that He has done to knit us all together.

What God is allowing us to see all around us is what happens in a life, a country, or a world that is absent of Him. You see God is a gentleman. He says it himself in Revelation—He stands at the door and knocks and if we open the door and let Him in, He will come in and dine with us. He never barges in. He’ll crash down the door for us and leave the 99 to get us, but He also knows and discerns the condition of our heart and mind and how to respond to our condition.

Instead of a movie that we go to watch to see the aftermath of what a country or world looks like without the honoring of God corporately, we are actually in the movie, and it is playing out all around us. And like any movie that we watch, the ending can have different possible outcomes.

Numerous times throughout the Old Testament Israel would fall away from their adoration, honoring, and worshipping of the Lord. They would lament and repent and God would restore them and bring them back into order. Just like in the movie Lion King when Pride Rock fell to Scar and became a dark, ominous land filled with lack, it was restored with the new king, Simba.

Through prayer and intercession as we cry out and war against the pagan idolatry and sin, the Lord will restore the areas that have been compromised from our indifference—our half in, half out attitudes. Without the full commitment and life that honors and abides all that He has put in motion for us, we leave the door open and unlocked for those who come in without the authority or the jurisdiction to set up their havoc and agendas.

This is our watch, this is our call, and this is our time.

Let’s press in and pray and we will see the difference that will be made for our next generation of children, and the Earth will be filled with His glory and praise as the waters cover the sea.

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